What is syncplay

Yes, we know...Everyone has been asking themselves and wondering what the whole "Syncplay thing" is all about.

First and foremost, Syncplay started off with an idea/vision from the Founder, Lekan Ajala who is a music lover. He plays the keyboard and in the past he created a "music blog" titled Beats 'n' Rhythms; Lekan has always wanted to create a platform for fellow music lovers such as artists, DJ's, music producers, and just everyone else who loves music. Beats 'n' Rhythms acted as an avenue to give music producers a platform to express themselves and their music. As we all know, in today's world, no one really cares about the producer that spent day and night making a "dope" beat/track for an artist. I bet as you are reading this, and you don't know who produced "Your number" for Ayo Jay or "Ooouuu" for Young M.A. Therefore, Beats 'n' Rhythms was for the unsigned/independent music producer that worked hard day and night for a hit track but doesn't have the major recognition he/she deserves. Beats 'n' Rhythms was up and running until Lekan started getting really busy with his personal music. (tours, gigs, etc.)

To cut the long story short, Lekan has always wanted to create a platform for music lovers via a mobile app. Social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook are connecting people together and creating a platform for promotions, independency through the love of pictures and videos and personal statuses as a means of connecting,. In mid 2015, Lekan started writing down ideas as to how he can bring people together with music a music app. Everyone loves to be social, independent; and everyone sure does love music. Imagine having your own circle of friends to which you connect with daily by sharing music playlists with them and vise versa. This circle of friends will in turn expand because music is the sole connector in today's world. In early 2016, Lekan founded Syncplay and he has been researching and working to bring the vision to life. In order to bring the Syncplay vision to life, Lekan has been attending tech seminars, app developing meetings, personal meetings with advisors, and more.

Currently, SyncPlay is under development and it will first be released on Ios.

Please stay tuned for more information on this game-changing app.

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We need you! And we hope you stay with us while we create something great.

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