Syncplay - Why Sync?

Welcome to the era of “Living in the moment”- digitally. For the past ten years, social media and social networking has changed. Everything is done in real time, where options are given for you to share what you are thinking, what you are doing and even where you are doing it. One thing for sure is that most nations of the world are using social media to provide information: personal, business, and even politics! The year 2016 is a prime example of politicians and social media. Altogether, it’s all about connectivity!

Where does Syncplay come into play? The music industry seems to have found it's route in providing streaming devices such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple music. These are all great outlets for exposure of new music genres you like to dive into and even to follow and as well build in followers to your playlists. Well ladies and gentlemen, Syncplay is here and ready to launch with a little but useful twist: synchronization. All right, let me help you visualize what I mean. Sometime there’s a record that you like and just want to share with your friends and social media followers immediately. Yes, I know you can screenshot it and post it on Instagram or better yet share it on Instagram Stories/ Instagram Live, Snapchat, share the link on your Twitter feed and/or Facebook timeline. Yes, there are options. But why not have an app that simply focuses on music; meaning on your timeline where there is no other distraction. Again, I know what you’re thinking but there’s Spotify and Apple music where your followers can be expose to your playlist. This is where Syncplay comes into advantage. Not only will you be able to expose your music playlist by hosting a party, your followers will sync in real time and listen to it with you.

Why Synchronization? Well, there are several reasons why it’s beneficial in the music industry and music community. For music lovers, it’s all about being connected, exposed and updated on what’s out there- mainstream or underground – music is always shared. For the music entertainment industry, synchronization (sync) is useful and profitable. For example, if you are a publishing company or record label that receives licensing music for a movie, it can bring sync licensing royalties to the music company. In recent years, mega superstar musicians like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift utilize sync as a revenue; simply realizing music on one platform (in Beyoncé’s case that will be Tidal) and manage to get away with it supplying their monthly income. So the future of synchronizing is here! Syncplay is a music social app that is on board and ready to transform the way you share and listen to music.

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